Dear Elbie #6

Dear Elbie,

Right now I am sat downstairs after putting you to bed listening and watching you on the monitor. Normally you either like to have a little protest or will go straight to sleep but not tonight. You are lying in your cot having a little chat with Pon the polar bear in the dark. You have him tightly gripped in your left hand like you always do, just in case he tries to escape and are having what sounds like a very interesting conversation. Although I’m not entirely sure it can be classed as a conversation when you are the only one talking but maybe you can hear something I can’t. Whatever it is though you are adorable to watch and listen to. I hope you manage to put the world to rights before you fall asleep but I also would like very much for you to fall asleep soon. 

Love mummy xx 


Dear Elbie #5

Dear Elbie,

This is a long awaited letter and I’m sorry it has been a while but we have been busy little bees. Over the last four weeks we have been to stay at nana Moose and grandad’s, flown to Switzerland and back and spent two weeks with daddy, granny Jane and grandad Slim. Granny Jane and grandad Slim flew over from Sydney to spend time with you and to shower you with cuddles. It was your first time meeting grandad Slim so it was a very special two weeks. 
You are so lucky to have such loving grandparents and how great is it that you have them not only here but France and Australia too! It’s not easy having family living so far away but it is also pretty cool. There aren’t many little girls out there that have so much love coming from all corners of the planet. You haven’t had the chance to meet all of your aunties and uncles yet but I cannot begin to tell you how desperate they are to see you. In just over a month though I don’t think daddy and I will see you for dust, as you will be whisked up by them all and they won’t want to give you back. Don’t worry though we won’t leave Australia without you. You are one very lucky girl and you are so so loved by all of your family. You’re never going to be stuck for people to visit on holiday that’s for sure.

Love mummy xxx 

Dear Elbie #4

Dear Elbie,

This week we have given a lot of money to local buskers. I’m all for supporting artists normally anyway but it turns out they are now my best friends. You can be on the brink of meltdown because you are so unbelievably tired but refuse to accept the fact that you are 4.5 months old and need to nap, then magic happens. We walk past one of the many wonderful buskers in town and just like that the tears stop and you let your eyes close. I have started to hover around buskers at nap times rocking you back and forth for half an hour. You’re not that fussy about the music although reggae is not your favourite right now. Thank god for street music! 

Love mummy xx

Dear Elbie #3

Dear Elbie,

Today has been a bit of a roller coaster and if I’m honest you scared the shit out of daddy and I. Sorry for swearing chicken but that is exactly what you did. You had a very unsettled night and had me up at 3am including the need for a bath at 4am but I now know why. You were poorly.

You got to experience your first ambulance ride this morning but also hopefully your last. You managed to fall asleep on me in the back of the ambulance and I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I knew you were going to be OK and that it wasn’t anything serious but I had this overwhelming feeling of love and the need to protect you. You are so tiny and vulnerable and so unbelievably reliant on us which both fill me with terror and pride at the same time. You are our whole world and here you were all snuggled in my lap exhausted and sick. All I wanted was to have the ability to take it away and make you better but all I could offer you were safe arms to hold you in and a whole lot of love. I’m hoping this was enough and the paramedics, doctors and nurses picked up the rest.

You are now home and I am feeling extremely grateful. Tonight you are going to be smothered with kisses and cuddles whether you like it or not.

Love mummy xx

Dear Elbie #2

​Dear Elbie,

Well today has been an eventful day for you and a day of twos. Firstly I must show you my appreciation for napping for two hours this morning. Plus you only woke me up every two hours over night rather than your recent hourly awakenings. So thank you. Of course daddy thinks this is down to him as he looked after and fed you last night. I’m hoping it’s the start of something new.

Now for the main events of the day. Today you learnt two new skills which you have tirelessly been trying to master. 

Skill number one – I’m not entirely sure we can call it a skill but we will anyway. You worked out that you can put your toes into your mouth and suck on them like a lollypop. This is very cute and impressive all at the same time. 

Skill number two – you rolled from your back to your front, not just once but twice and with no assistance. I squealed and you just smiled at me. Then looking very pleased with yourself you stayed on your front and continued to play with Rhonda Rabbit. 

What a clever girl. Two skills in one day. Maybe all this development will tire you out and you will sleep well tonight? We will see…

Well done you.

Love mummy xx

Dear Elbie #1

Dear Elbie,

This is the first of hopefully many letters to you. One day you will be old enough to read through all of your letters along with this blog. Sometimes I’m sure you will be embarrassed but most of all I hope they will fill you with all of the love that I have for you.

Right now you are one day off from being four months old! Where has the time gone? It feels like it was only yesterday that we were bringing you, a tiny little bundle home from the hospital in the rain but also feeling like we have never been without you.

While I write this you are asleep on my lap after having a big feed. You were very hungry and not surprising after your busy morning. This morning we took you for your very first swimming lesson. I sat on the side, my heart bursting with pride watching you swim with daddy. Daddy accidentally put your swimming costume on back to front but don’t worry I don’t think anyone noticed. You mainly enjoyed putting the floating rubber balls in your mouth although I’m sure this will change next week when you do your first submersion!

This is just a little letter for now. I hope you are enjoying your much deserved nap my little chicken.

Love mummy xx