My name is Lauren and I am a first time mum to Elbie. We live in Brighton along with my husband and Elbie’s daddy Eddie.

Throughout my late teens and early 20s I held various temporary jobs to support my travel bug. I had no idea what I wanted to be or do so I would work some dead end job just to scrape enough money together (or not, and call my parents from across the world begging them to send me some money that I would promise to pay back) so that I could jet off to feed my culture and adventure hunger. This was a very fun and exciting time of my life but then reality started to set in and I soon realised that I couldn’t spend the rest of my existence sleeping in 12 bed dorms and not knowing where or who I was going to be hanging out with further than 24 hours away. I had to get a real job. So I decided I wanted to be a nurse and travel the world nursing instead.

I studied Nursing at the University of Brighton and I graduated as an adult trained Nurse in 2011. Brighton ended up stealing my heart and strangely enough so did nursing and I have been living here and working ever since.

Just before graduating I met a tall, curly haired Australian man while island hopping around Greece. This man, unknowingly to both of us at the time was to become my best friend and now my husband. The two of us have partied, travelled, laughed and grown with each other over the last 6 years. Building a home together has been wonderful but the one thing that tops everything either of us have ever done has been starting a family. Elbie entered and lit up our world on 18th May this year. Elbie has changed our lives in so many ways and has brought more joy to us than we ever thought could be possible.

Being a parent has changed me, it has changed me down to my soul. From the moment I found out I was pregnant (I’m sure my friends will back me up on this) I feel like I have been on the most magical journey and I have had a lot to say about it all! Through pregnancy and labour I found an incredible strength that I believe only comes through being a woman and it has been the most empowering experience. I want to celebrate this. I wish that I had kept a diary or had started a blog at the beginning of my journey but better late than never. I want a place where I can talk about being a parent without having to bore all of my non-parent friends. I also want Elbie to be able to read through this blog with fondness as she can follow her own footsteps through her mothers eyes.