Clingy child

For some unknown reason Elbie has suddenly become the world’s most clingy toddler. She hangs on to my leg crying to be picked up, screams if I leave the room and won’t go to anyone else if I am there. She was never like this before and it’s exhausting. Of course she had her moments but it was usually when she was either tired or hungry and she would be happy if it was either Eddie or I who cuddled her. Both of us had a calming effect and it was great that we could share those moments because let’s be honest, it feels amazing being able to soothe your child when they are upset. Equally it is lovely knowing that others can help out and that Elbie feels like she can go to any family member or friend for comfort too. 

Elbie is usually a happy go lucky little girl with no fear but this last week she has been losing her shit if I go out of sight for more than two seconds and no one else will do. I have absolutely no idea why things have changed so dramatically. I don’t know if it is something I have done or not done and we are always so conscious of making her comfortable with other people. Maybe it is me? I do like to cuddle and kiss her A LOT! I miss her when she goes to sleep or even if I haven’t seen her for an hour. Maybe I smother her too much? Or maybe not enough?! Who knows? I suppose it’s just one of those things though, just like everything else when it comes to babies. I hope it is just a phase, like all the other issues that have arisen during parenthood that we have encountered so far. Not only is it exhausting being the only one in demand all of the time, it is horrible for everyone else, especially Eddie. I would be heartbroken if Elbie started refusing to go to me anymore and only wanted Eddie but what I have been reading this is very likely to happen at some point in the future so I need to be prepared. We also need to make sure we don’t take it personally as she loves us both equally despite what her actions are telling us. We have a very strong minded little girl and according to most baby sites this could just be a period of her trying to show us her independence, proving to us that she can make decisions which I suppose is a good thing in the long run but my goodness I hope it’s short lived. I’m sure there is a small element of the fact that she does spend most of her time with me but now that Eddie is on school holidays she will be spending a lot more time with him, if not more as I will be picking up extra work so we can only wait to see the effects of that. 

I’m finding it very difficult to not pick her up when she is hysterical at my feet or getting herself in a state of emotional meltdown when someone else is trying to calm her and she is just reaching out for me. What do you do in that situation?! Do you let them cry until they can’t catch their breath anymore to show them they can’t always be picked up? Do you let them kick and scream in someone elses arms which makes everyone feel shit to show them that other people can help too? Or do you always go for the pick up and stop crying?! What is the right thing to do? I really don’t know what the answer is. For now we will just try and ride it out and hope that it is short lived. 


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