Baby free holiday

We have been back from our holiday for a few days now and feeling very refreshed still and that is because it really was a proper holiday. This time we travelled a little lighter than normal and left Elbie at home. I’m not saying that it isn’t a holiday when we go away with Elbie but when you think of holidays relaxation comes to mind and that is something that is quite difficult to fully do when you have a busy one year old in tow. Our trip was so relaxing though that I even had an afternoon nap at one point and anyone who knows me well will know that I never nap. We slept in, ate without any stress and mess and lounged around the pool, oh and had a little wedding to go to inbetween all the lounging around. It was pure bliss. 

The days leading up to the trip weren’t so smooth though with me trying to hold back my tears that would suddenly start building up behind my eyes when Elbie would do something cute. I was struggling with the thought of being away from her for four whole days and nights. I was going to miss her so much. And I did, I did really really miss her but I wasn’t the blubbering mess I thought I would be for the whole holiday. There were lots of tears at the airport and a few more when FaceTiming but other than that my eyes were dry and I found the whole experience a lot easier than anticipated. Well to be honest it was pretty difficult to have a bad time when lying around a pool with your best friend in Marrakech, baby or no baby. We made sure that we savoured every moment of baby free time and I can honestly say that we had the best time and I’m still feeling totally revitalised even back in the midst of parenting madness.

There are certain things you can’t do when travelling with a baby and the first thing is travelling light. It was so nice to be able to pack all of our belongings into two carry on bags and whizz through the airport without having to stop every five minutes to rejiggle our bags for comfort and double check we have everything. I had forgotten how easy it is to travel when it’s just two adults. I was also able to medically knock myself out to help with my fear of flying. This is definitely not acceptable when flying with a one year old but not having that anxiety and terror during takeoff was a luxury, not only for me but also Eddie who has made it very clear that he hates flying with me as I increase his stress levels too. 

I think the most valuable aspect of being able to have a holiday without our child is that we were able to spend time as a couple again. It’s not that we ignore each other when we are at home but it was so nice to have full conversations and chat away to each other and well, just hang out. We never get to just hang out together anymore. The reason we were visiting Morocco in the first place was to go to our friends wedding and it was in the most beautiful location up in the atlas mountains. We felt very lucky to be a part of something so special and as weddings always do, they bring out the love. It was perfect. 

I was definitely ready to come home though to see our little squidge as I missed her cheeky little face. It was just the right amount of time to enjoy ourselves without me being an emotional disaster and I feel so much more confident being able to leave her for more than a few days now. So here’s to more baby free holidays but not as many as with her! 


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