Dear Elbie #7

Dear Elbie,

Today was a big day for both of us, well it was probably a bit of a bigger deal for me than it was for you but even so it was big. It was your first day at nursery! It was actually only two hours for you to settle in but still. If I’m being honest it was only supposed to be one hour but I looked at the wrong week in my diary and thought it was supposed to be two. That was until I got a phone call from the nursery asking me where I was. Sorry about that. They assured me that you were having fun though so my mum guilt wore off slightly. I promise I will try to look at the right week in my diary from now on.

When we got there you had just woken up so I was a bit concerned that you might be feeling a bit sensitive but as soon as you saw the other kids your face lit up, I knew you were going to be fine. The nursery staff sat you in the little chair at the little table next to the other little people and you were beaming. You are so interested in other children and get so excited about meeting new babies it makes me smile. You are going to be a social butterfly I’m sure. The staff asked me if I wanted to kiss you good bye but I didn’t want to spoil your moment, so I took your moment in. I stood there with my heart about to burst with pride watching you join in and hold your own, sitting in that little chair at that little table with the other little people. I walked home feeling sad that time has gone so quickly but overjoyed that you are such a happy little girl. 

You had a great day and showed off with the amount of food you can eat and even did some potato painting. You did however fight with another girl over some toys but I guess you aren’t even nine months old yet, we can work on that. Next week you really are going for two hours, I double checked.

Love mummy xx