We made it back! We were greeted by a grey sky and rain but I wouldn’t expect anything else and after such a long journey of being cooped up in a dry aired plane I was happy to feel the rain on my tired cheeks. The journey really surprised us coming home with the first two legs being the longest were actually more enjoyable and easier than our very short flight from Paris to London. The flight times home are always slightly longer than the outward journey due to winds (so I was told once) and I was also a tad worried about getting ill again mid flight but we all managed to sleep on the second leg and this made it so much easier and more enjoyable. We were then viewing our final part as a breeze, a forty-five minute flight after nine and twelve hour flights consecutively would be no problem at all right? Wrong. Oh God it was awful. Firstly we had a five hour stop over in Paris which was actually fine but added to our tiredness even if we didn’t feel it at the time. We were allowed onto the aircraft where we were then delayed. At least being delayed in the airport you can walk around but when on the plane you are stuck, this is not good when you have a tired baby on your hands. There was only so much breastfeeding I could do to calm her down and she was getting herself wired. I knew we wouldn’t get her to sleep on board as she is not the type of baby who will fall asleep on you no matter how tired she is. So we had a groggy baby, we were stuck on the runway and I could feel myself starting to panic about the flight. My panic grew as the plane finally started to taxi and once we took off the fear set in. Like I said the first two flights were fine and for some reason I don’t get as scared on larger planes. This could be due to the size and not being able to feel and hear every noise the flight makes but the smaller flights my deary me do I shit my pants. The exhaustion definitely wasn’t helping the situation for both myself or Eddie who was getting frustrated with me. His frustration with my irrational behaviour which is understandable only made things worse though. And while this is all going on Elbie is super wired and trying to pull and grab everything in sight and crying if she couldn’t get what she wanted. It was a forty-five minute nightmare. Then of course we landed, safely may I add and once we were eventually let off the plane all was forgotten and Elbie could sleep. Home! Well almost, we still needed to drive back from the airport but no more air travel and the rest of our journey was uneventful. Back to reality and to try and introduce some sort of routine again. 


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