Dear Elbie #5

Dear Elbie,

This is a long awaited letter and I’m sorry it has been a while but we have been busy little bees. Over the last four weeks we have been to stay at nana Moose and grandad’s, flown to Switzerland and back and spent two weeks with daddy, granny Jane and grandad Slim. Granny Jane and grandad Slim flew over from Sydney to spend time with you and to shower you with cuddles. It was your first time meeting grandad Slim so it was a very special two weeks. 
You are so lucky to have such loving grandparents and how great is it that you have them not only here but France and Australia too! It’s not easy having family living so far away but it is also pretty cool. There aren’t many little girls out there that have so much love coming from all corners of the planet. You haven’t had the chance to meet all of your aunties and uncles yet but I cannot begin to tell you how desperate they are to see you. In just over a month though I don’t think daddy and I will see you for dust, as you will be whisked up by them all and they won’t want to give you back. Don’t worry though we won’t leave Australia without you. You are one very lucky girl and you are so so loved by all of your family. You’re never going to be stuck for people to visit on holiday that’s for sure.

Love mummy xxx 


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