Dear Elbie #2

​Dear Elbie,

Well today has been an eventful day for you and a day of twos. Firstly I must show you my appreciation for napping for two hours this morning. Plus you only woke me up every two hours over night rather than your recent hourly awakenings. So thank you. Of course daddy thinks this is down to him as he looked after and fed you last night. I’m hoping it’s the start of something new.

Now for the main events of the day. Today you learnt two new skills which you have tirelessly been trying to master. 

Skill number one – I’m not entirely sure we can call it a skill but we will anyway. You worked out that you can put your toes into your mouth and suck on them like a lollypop. This is very cute and impressive all at the same time. 

Skill number two – you rolled from your back to your front, not just once but twice and with no assistance. I squealed and you just smiled at me. Then looking very pleased with yourself you stayed on your front and continued to play with Rhonda Rabbit. 

What a clever girl. Two skills in one day. Maybe all this development will tire you out and you will sleep well tonight? We will see…

Well done you.

Love mummy xx


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