Dear Elbie #1

Dear Elbie,

This is the first of hopefully many letters to you. One day you will be old enough to read through all of your letters along with this blog. Sometimes I’m sure you will be embarrassed but most of all I hope they will fill you with all of the love that I have for you.

Right now you are one day off from being four months old! Where has the time gone? It feels like it was only yesterday that we were bringing you, a tiny little bundle home from the hospital in the rain but also feeling like we have never been without you.

While I write this you are asleep on my lap after having a big feed. You were very hungry and not surprising after your busy morning. This morning we took you for your very first swimming lesson. I sat on the side, my heart bursting with pride watching you swim with daddy. Daddy accidentally put your swimming costume on back to front but don’t worry I don’t think anyone noticed. You mainly enjoyed putting the floating rubber balls in your mouth although I’m sure this will change next week when you do your first submersion!

This is just a little letter for now. I hope you are enjoying your much deserved nap my little chicken.

Love mummy xx


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